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PBA Sponsors Treatment for Abused Puppy

Feb 01, 2014
  • Nassau PBA Sponsors Treatment for Abused Puppy "Miss Harper"

Learn what you can do to help "Miss Harper", and other animals who have suffered abuse.

The Nassau County PBA is doing our part to ensure an abused pit bull puppy will get the surgery she needs to reach a full recovery.  "Miss Harper" will undergo surgery that will provide her with a prosthetic leg.  The pup was handed over to the Nassau SPCA this past September after her previous owner cruelly mutilated both her ears and hind leg.  The PBA heard about Miss Harper's story and wanted to step in and help out immediately. 

"How would anyone do this to a defenseless and innocent puppy?  The story caught me and I thought, maybe we can do something about this", said James Carver, President of the PBA.

Along with the generous donations of others, the PBA's donation will contribute to Miss Harper's new leg, reconstructive surgery to bother her ear flaps and continued medical care.  The puppy has been in the care of a team of doctors from My Pets Vet in Huntington and they are truly ecstatic the puppy will be receiving the treatment it deserves.

If you are interested in giving Miss Harper a loving home please email

Learn more about the Nassau SPCA and what you can do to better the life of an abused animal.

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