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Phoenix officers escort late Officer Travis Murphy's kids to first day of school

Aug 10, 2015
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PEORIA - It has been five years since Phoenix Police Officer Travis Murphy was killed in the line of duty , but his law enforcement family hasn't forgotten about their promise to look after his family at home.

As Murphy was laid to rest in 2010, Phoenix officials promised to keep his wife, Danielle, and children a part of their extended family.

Kody and Kaylee Murphy, the late officer's children, were met by Phoenix officers and firefighters, and escorted into Terramar Elementary School Monday.

With help and big hearts from many, Kody and Kaylee walked hand-in-hand with Danielle through a "kinder path" lined with officers, just in time for the first bell.

Deer Valley Unified School District helped coordinate the event at the Peoria school.

LEOs escort children of slain Arizona officer to class

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