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Support the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund (NYS Senate Bill 4760)

Jun 08, 2014
  • Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund

It’s a staggering statistic; about 12% of the American adult homeless population are veterans, so across the nation, this amounts to over 300,000 homeless vets.

Nassau and Suffolk counties alone have a military veteran population of approximately 150,000 – the 10th largest veteran population in the country.

New York State Bill S4760-2013, the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund, authorizes gifts to such fund through a state income tax check-off. In simpler terms, this bill establishes the ability for tax-payers to assist homeless veterans in obtaining basic shelter so they don't have to live on the street.

This bill DOES NOT propose a tax increase. It will merely create a check-off box on your state tax bill giving people the option to contribute.

Our veterans deserve all the support they can get. Encourage your local state senator to support this bill!

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