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Wantagh High School Class of 2017 Raises $10,000 for PD's Widows and Orphans

Jan 26, 2017
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A sincere thank you to Steven Benner and the Wantagh Class of 2017 for their contribution to the Nassau PBA Widows and Orphans Fund. After the tragic events in Dallas and Baton Rouge, the class banded together to host a car wash and t-shirt sale collecting over $10,000 to benefit the widows and orphans of the Nassau PD, Suffolk PD and NYPD. The kids did a tremendous job; truly something to be proud of!


We are speaking to you today to share an event in which a large percent of our class came together for the greater good. During this past summer, the Class of 2017 officers and some members of our grade reached out to our class advisor, Mr. Benner, and asked us to do something for the police since many were recently attacked and targeted. Together, we discussed the idea of a car wash and t-shirt fundraiser to raise money for the families of fallen officers.

We want to speak to how we raised the funds. The car wash was on Sunday, July 31st, right in the middle of summer vacation. Despite this, about 40 seniors came and volunteered their time. We sold police shirts which were designed and ordered by the club at the car wash and continued to sell them into the fall during football games. We have sold about 700 t-shirts thus far, and have raised over $10,000 in profit for our cause.

We would like to explain the breakdown of our donation tonight:

- $4000 will be given to the Nassau County PBA Widows and Orphans Fund

- $3000 will be given to the Suffolk County PBA Widows and Orphans Fund

- $3000 will be given to the NYC PBA Widows and Children's Fund

Once the remaining shirts are sold and costs finalized, the remaining money will be donated the the Nassau PBA.

We couldn’t be more proud of our grade than we have been in the last few months. We collectively found a cause we wanted to make an impact on and came together to take action. It takes a lot for a teenager to abandon the beach in the middle of summer and wash dirty cars. Our classmates worked for the cause without hesitation, and truly enjoyed ourselves as we drenched each other, actually mostly Mr. Benner, with soapy water.

We wanted to acknowledge how much we appreciate all members of law enforcement for all they sacrifice and the service they provide. I would like to thank Eddie Moore from the New York City PBA, Mike Simonelli and Steve Bienemann from the Suffolk County PBA, and Joe Nocella and James Springer from the Nassau County PBA for attending this event to acknowledge all our hard work. Will the five representatives please come up to accept these giant checks and take some pictures with us and the Board of Education.

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