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'This Board Should Be Taken Apart': NY Lawmaker Blasts State Board for Paroling Double Cop Killer - Fox and Friends

Mar 17, 2018
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A New York City lawmaker ripped the New York State Parole Board for agreeing to release a former Black Liberation Army member convicted of murdering two NYPD officers.

State Sen. Marty Golden (R-Bay Ridge) said the board's membership was recently shuffled and that the members were nominated by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D).

Cuomo said earlier this week that he "disagrees" with the board's ruling, but that his hands are tied when it comes to attempting to overturn the decision.

A gubernatorial spokesman told the New York Post that only a court can overturn the ruling and that members are only removed if they "do something egregious."

'This Board Should Be Taken Apart' - Double Cop Killer Paroled - Fox and Friends

"What happened to these two police officers is despicable, it's wrong," Golden said of the deaths of Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones.

Herman Bell, now 70, was convicted in the cold-blooded murders of the two men during an apparent set-up in Upper Manhattan.

Golden said Bell lured the two cops into a housing project on W. 159th Street in Harlem where he shot and killed Jones and initially wounded Piagentini.

Piagentini, already shot 12 times, pled for his life and invoked his family, but Bell shot him once more, killing him, Golden said.

"This board should be taken apart," Golden said, noting that seven previous parole boards ruled against releasing Bell.

He said previous boards wrote that they "consider that the crime is so heinous that the release would undermine the respect for law."

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) also responded to the decision, declaring that murdering police officers should result in "life in prison. Period. [There's] nothing else to discuss."

Bell's co-conspirator Anthony Bottom - also known as Jalil Abdul Muntaqim - is up for parole later this year, while third convict Albert Washington died in prison in 2000, the New York Times reported.
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