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"Stumbling Incompetence" - Scathing Op-Ed regarding Laura Curran administration: Long Island Business News

May 14, 2019

May 10, 2019
Ronald J. Rosenberg

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has a reelection problem.

Likeable, approachable and seemingly genuine, she built her political campaign on the premise that she would bring honesty, transparency and competence to her administration.

She isn't there yet.

A series of missteps, gaffes, miscues and rookie political errors over the fundamental issue of tax reassessment have roiled her administration. Whether it was inexperience, hubris or stumbling incompetence, the results have been the same: a growing awareness on the part of the voter that this administration couldn't place a single accurate declarative sentence in front of them that would factually explain the property reassessment program Ms. Curran is seeking to implement.

Even Newsday's editorial writers, who traditionally fawn over Ms. Curran, were forced to draft an essay that warned "Reassessment is not the time for blunders..." A front page Newsday headline blared "Errors in Tax Rolls." Another headline reflected the growing desperation on the part of the administration; "Curran defends reassessment plan." It reminded residents of the rueful political observation that "Democrats can win elections but fail at governing..."

So if competence is not part of the Curran political plank, what about transparency?

Mark it as another failure.


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