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Elmont, December 11, 2014: Arrest for Assault 2nd Degree

Dec 11, 2014

Bureau of Special Operations Officers were conducting an investigation when they approached a subject who was backing his car out of a driveway on Bayliss Ave. The officers activated the emergency lights on their vehicles and exited the car with their shields displayed. Upon seeing the officers, the subject exited his vehicle and fled on foot into the rear yard and entered his home through the rear. The officers followed the subject into his home and caught him at the basement stairs. He refused to comply with the officers commands and repeatedly pushed, punched, and kicked the officers. The ensuing struggle caused the 2 officers and the subject to fall down the flight of stairs. While on the floor of the basement the officers were able to regain control of the subject and placed him under arrest. While walking the subject out to the patrol car he deliberately tripped the officer causing them both to fall to the ground. During a search the subject was found to be in possession of a plastic bag containing crystal methamphetamine. One officer was removed from scene to a local hospital for treatment of injuries to his elbow and back. Two other officers were treated at scene for minor injuries.

The subject was charged with Assault 2nd Degree, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th Degree, Resisting Arrest and two counts of Criminal Contempt 2nd Degree (for a previous offense).



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