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Inwood, October 31, 2015: Arrest for Robbery 1st Degree

Oct 31, 2015

A boyfriend and girlfriend, while Trick or Treating with their brother and sister, entered a deli on Burnside Ave. An argument arose with the stores clerk over Halloween treats. Both subjects were asked to leave the store. The girlfriend became angry and began stealing cookies from the counter area. When the clerk attempted to prevent her from removing the packages both subjects began punching the clerk in the face and left the store. The clerk followed them into the parking lot where the male subject picked up a piece of wood and threatened to beat him with it. Both subjects, along with with the children, fled the scene. 4th Precinct Officers casnvassed the area and located the subjects a short distance away. They were both placed under arrest.

Both subjects were charged with Robbery 1st Degree and two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

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