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Elmont based 5th Precinct Reopens

Apr 20, 2015
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ELMONT (WABC) - It's a rebirth of sorts. Two years ago, county officials turned the precinct Elmont, one of Nassau's busiest, into a community policing center operated by a skeleton staff. It was part of a county-wide restructuring of police precincts aimed to save money. The changes at the 5th allowed County to save 10 million over the past two years, but it left the Elmont community concerned about safety.

"I live a block away from three banks. In the last month there were three bank robberies, and every time they get robbed, helicopters go up. I have grandchildren that play in my backyard - I don't need this fear," says Elmont resident Patrick Nicolosi.

Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter says that even though crime is down 9.5 percent countywide, the know it was important to reopen the 5th.

"We're in a position to be able to do this by adjusting staffing throughout the county so there will be no cost to the county taxpayers," said Commissioner Krumpter.

"I want to recognize the county executive, the police department for understanding this was the right thing to do," says Nassau PBA President.

You could see the love while Eyewitness News was there, as residents welcome back wheat many of them call family.

So what does all this mean for the 6th precinct in Manhasset and the 8th precinct in Levittown which are still serving as policing centers? The police commissioner says not much - he says there are no plans to reopen at this time.

Closed police precinct reopens in Elmont

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