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Long Island Labor Advisory Coucil Honors Vic Fusco and Kris LaGrange

Jul 07, 2014
  • Long Island Labor Advisory Coucil, LILAC, Vic Fusco, Kris LaGrange

Congratulations to these two champions of labor! The Long Island Labor Advisory Council, LILAC, is very pleased to have as this year’s honorees, two people who have taken the time to keep the cause of Labor alive and well on the airwaves. Victor Fusco and Kris LaGrange, two men who defend Labor’s cause on a weekly basis on their respective radio stations and in print columns in local papers.

Too often we overlook those outside the ranks of Labor and their achievements. Each of these individuals has demonstrated their desire to further the cause of Labor.

Check out their show archives on at and

Listen to Kris's show live on 94.3 FM, The Shark on Sunday mornings at 7am.

Listen to Vic's show, Labor Lines:
Long Island Edition
on WGBB 1240AM on Saturday at 7:30pm
on WJVC 96.1FM on Saturday at 7:00 am
on LINewsTalkRadio Saturday at 8:00 am.

New York City Edition:
on WNYM 960AM The Answer on Saturday at 1:00 pm


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