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Newsday disgraces police memorial dedication.

Oct 02, 2014
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Gordon, Paul and Rita,
Attached are captions of a Newsday article about the Police Memorial Wall Dedication held on October 1, 2014. As you can see halfway through an article about the 34 Nassau County Police Officers who have been killed in the line of duty while proudly serving the people of Nassau County. Each one of these Hero police officers have a story and families that they left behind. Imagine being a family member of one these police officers that were killed in the line of duty and you see this when you read the article. But your paper intentionally tries to distract with those stories by posting the following links:
1- NY police and Fire pensions
2- Cops political contributions
3- Nassau and Suffolk County Salaries
And last but not least, and probably the most disgusting act of disrespect by Newsday ...
4- Police misconduct investigations.
I have discussed on numerous occasions with your paper regarding the links attached to police articles, including displaying the same links in articles about the Police Officer Arthur Lopez Murder trial, yet you continue to display your true contempt for the great work of Nassau County police officers by inserting these links in an article about True Heroes. These links in my view are meant to distract the reader from the article and redirect them to other articles that you hope will put police officers in a lesser light with the public. I realize by now that my continued protests about the way you display these links will fall on deaf ears and that you have no intention of changing this despicable policy of hatred towards the men and women who proudly serve and risk their lives each and every day.
Shame on you and your continued disgraceful disregard for the police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice!

Nassau County PBA


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