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2012 PBA Distinguished Service Award

Monday, January 7, 2013

Congratulations to the following Police Officers on receiving the 2012 PBA Distinguished Service Award.

First Precinct: Police Officers Michael Maloney, Dennis Wunsch, Ronal Moore, Daneil Healey, Nicholas Zaharis, and John Schmitt.

First Precinct: Police Officers Stephen Conlin, and David McGarrigle.

Fourth Precinct:  Police Officers Hoscar Walters, Shevach Berkovits, and Anthony Badolato.

Fourth Precinct: Police Officer John Fallace.

Fifth Precinct: Detective Juan, Giron, Police Officers Tim Siar, Chris Pribyl, Edward Eilenberger, Craig Russack, Kerry Harracksingh, and Darrio Pierre.

Fifth Precinct: Police Officer John Wellenreuther.

2012 Distinguished Service Award

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