PBA TOP COP: April, 2013

P.O. William Kennedy
P.O. John Sikorski

On April 5, 2013 at 8:55am, Fifth Precinct Police Officers William Kennedy and John Sikorski, while on routine patrol, observed a suspicious male in the rear parking lot of a bank in West Hempstead. The bank was not open for business but had a 24 hr ATM so the Officers went to interview and ID this subject. As they approached the subject and attempted to question him, he fled on foot. Officer Kennedy exited the RMP and a foot pursuit ensued. Officer Sikorski paralleled the foot pursuit in their RMP and radio was advised of the situation. Area units responded to assist and the subject was apprehended short time later. During a safety pat down and interview of this subject the Officers were approached by a person with knowledge of a robbery that occurred earlier but had not yet been reported. The victim from that robbery was notified from scene and he responded, positively identifying the subject as the person who he discovered committing a larceny from his auto and subsequently physically assaulted him. The subject was found to have in his possession a cell phone from an earlier larceny and during the stop, the officers made contact with a family member of the owner about the recovery of the cell phone.

Due to keen observations and attentiveness to their patrol duties, the officers were able to apprehended the subject, prior to a radio assignment or a notification being broadcasted. In addition, several open cases were closed as a result of this arrest.

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