Police Officer Thomas Kananowicz
On April 29th at approximately 0020 hours, Fifth Precinct Officers received a 911 call for a robbery with a handgun that had just occurred that involved three male subjects in a silver Jaguar. Police Officer Thomas Kananowicz of the Canine Unit began canvassing the Elmont area when he observed three males in a silver Jaguar at the drive thru of McDonalds. Officer Kananowicz then placed his vehicle in front of the suspect’s vehicle to block them in and placed himself in a tactical position. Upon arrival of two Fifth Precinct Police Officers, Officer Kananowicz performed a felony car stop and safely removed all three subjects from the Jaguar. A show up was performed with positive results and a loaded pistol was recovered from the vehicle’s center console. Officer Kananowicz’s quick, decisive action took three dangerous criminals off the street and the Nassau County PBA is proud to name Police Officer Kananowicz as Top Cop.


Police Officers Corwin and Krauszer
On March 6, 2020 at approximately 6:40 pm, while at the First Precinct Station House, Police Officer Cody Pelcher was attending turnout when he suddenly collapsed. Officers in the turnout room immediately came to the aid of Officer Pelcher, who was unconscious, with labored breathing and a weak pulse. An ambulance was dispatched and Police Medic Russell responded. The ambulance was in close proximity to the Station House and arrived quickly. Police Officer Pelcher was immediately put on a stretcher and placed in the ambulance. Police Officers Corwin and Krauszer jumped into the back of the ambulance to assist the Police Medic. It was at this time that Officer Corwin realized that Cody had stopped breathing. CPR was administered by Police Officer Corwin and Police Officer Krauszer. Paramedic Russell administered an AED, which delivered several shocks to Officer Pelcher enroute to the hospital. Doctors at South Nassau Hospital told Police Medic Russell that the CPR performed in the ambulance saved Officer Pelcher’s life. Police Officer Pelcher has made a full recovery. Due to their quick actions and excellent CPR, Officer Corwin and Officer Krauszer help save the life of a fellow Police Officer.


Police Officers Barco and Mazzei
On February 19 at approximately 1:32 am, Sixth Precinct Officers received a 911 call for a female in labor in North Hills. Upon arrival, Officer Barco and Mazzei found a pregnant female laying on her bathroom floor. The pregnant female’s water had broken and Officers could see that she was in distress. Officer Barco then informed Officer Mazzei that he could see the baby’s head. Both officers realized that the baby was coming and that there would be no time to transport her to the hospital. Both officers coached the pregnant female as she continued to push during her contractions. Officer Bar o then helped guide the baby out as Officer Mazzei wrapped the baby in a clean blanket. AMT Roberts arrived on scene and clamped and cut the umbilical cord. The baby and mother were then transported to the hospital. Both the mother and baby were in excellent health. For their quick response and teamwork, Nassau County PBA is proud to name Police Officer Jorge Barco and Police Officer Federico Mazzei Top Cops.


Police Officers Emily Slack and Melanie Matassa
On December 21st, 2019 at approximately 3:30 am a Nassau County resident was waiting in his vehicle at the Wantagh train station. A male subject approached the resident and displayed a handgun, threatened the victim and fled with the victim’s wallet and cellphone in the victim’s vehicle. On January 2, the same male subject, armed with a handgun, threated a second victim in a parking lot in Bellmore, forcing the victim to exit his vehicle at gunpoint. The subject then demanded the victim’s wallet and cellphone. The subject then fled in the victim’s vehicle northbound on Central Avenue. First Precinct Officers were then dispatched to robbery at gunpoint in the vicinity of the Bellmore train station. During a canvass for the subject, Police Officer Melanie Matassa located the subject in the victim’s vehicle driving in the residential side streets of Bellmore. Officer Matassa attempted to conduct a VTL stop, at which time the subject fled in the victim’s vehicle. Officer Matassa then made a radio notification, advising other officers of subject’s direction of flight. Within moment of hearing the notification, Police Officer Emily Slack observed the vehicle northbound on Bellmore Avenue. Officer Slack attempted to stop the vehicle. The suspect then lost control of the vehicle and crashed while attempting to access the parkway. Police Officer Slack swiftly exited her RMP and engaged the subject, who was violently resisting arrest. Officer Slack with the assistance of her fellow First Precinct Officers, were able to eventually subdue and handcuff the subject. The subject was charged with four counts of robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, assault 2nd degree and resisting arrest.

PBA TOP COP March 2021

Police Officers Mike Jones, Mike Lasala, and Marco DiDonato

Officers Marco DiDonato, Michael Jones and Michael Lasala On November 9, 2019 at approximately 0340 hours, Officers DiDonato, Jones and Lasala from the 1st Precinct responded to an assignment for a suspicious person banging on a door in Baldwin. Upon arrival, Officers heard a female screaming form inside an apartment. Po Lasala deployed his dynamic breaching sledge and gained entry to the apartment. Officers found the victim and the subject in the bedroom. Officers ordered the subject to the ground at gunpoint and he was placed into custody without incident. The subject had broken into the apartment through the living room window. He had hit the victim several times. She was dragged across the floor and menaced with a knife to her neck. Upon further investigation a loaded .32 caliber revolver with 2 spent rounds were recovered. He was charged with Burglary, Assault, Menacing and Criminal Possession of a weapon. Due to their quick response, tactics and observational skills they were able to take a violent gang member off the street. For their quick response and teamwork, Nassau County PBA is proud to name Police Officer Jorge Barco and Police Officer Federico Mazzei Top Cops.


Sgt. Daniel Bonanno
Top Cop Officer Daniel Bonanno On December 25, 2019 at approximately 0219 hours, Officer Bonanno, from the 4th precinct, observed a male subject standing in front of a WS Post Office mailbox in Atlantic Beach. Officer Bonanno further observed the male subject place his hand inside the mailbox, and remove item from the mailbox. The subject then fled scene on foot. When the subject saw Officer Bonanno, the subject threw the items over a fence and entered a parked vehicle, which was occupied by a female subject. When the vehicle attempted to leave the scene, Officer Bonanno conducted a VTL stop. Both subjects were removed from the vehicle and the vehicle was searched. Recovered from the vehicle was counterfeit US currency, stolen bank checks, stolen personal checks, and marijuana. Additional stolen mail and burglary’s tools were recovered from where the subject had thrown items over the fence. Both subjects were placed under arrest. For his keen observations and excellent police work, the PBA Top cop committee named Officer Daniel Bonanno as Top Cop
PBA TOP COP: May, 2014

On May 6, 2014, Police Officer Daniel Asparro was assigned to post 424, which patrols Point Lookout. Being aware of a burglary

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PBA TOP COP: March, 2013

P.O. Robert Florie

On March 31, 2013 at approximately 2:30am., Officer Robert Florie while on patrol in RMP 322 received a radio assignment for a man bleeding in the street.

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PBA TOP COPS: February, 2013

Police Officer Richard Adams
Police Officer Michael Karp

On February 6, 2013 at approximately 8:35pm, two subjects entered a business in Wantagh and announced a robbery with one of the subjects displaying a pistol.

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PBA TOP COPS: January, 2013

Police Officer Robert Psomas
Police Officer Scott Breslin
On January 18, 2013 Officers Psomas and Breslin while on patrol in an unmarked vehicle were investigating

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2012 PBA Lifesaver Award

Congratulations to Police Officers Jesse Cooper and Todd Atkin, of the Third Precinct, and Ambulance Medical Technician Robert Roper on receiving the 2012 PBA Lifesaver Award.

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