PBA TOP COP: August, 2014

Police Officer

On August 13, 2014, Officer Sullivan responded on a call in Elmont for a burglary that just occurred. An unknown subject cut the screen of a rear kitchen window and entered the residence. The subject proceeded to the second floor and entered a bedroom where the homeowner’s daughter was asleep. The girl was awakened by the sounds of the subject rummaging through her room. When the subject saw that the girl was awake, he fled the house.

Upon arrival, Officer Sullivan was provided with a description of the subject. Upon receipt, he realized that the subject matched the description of someone on his post who was under suspicion for burglarizing the apartment of a tenant who lived in the same residence. Officer Sullivan conveyed this information to the Detectives at scene who arranged for a photo-pack. The victim positively identified the individual who Officer Sullivan had suspected.

The following day, Officer Sullivan located the subject in front of his residence and placed him under arrest.

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