PBA TOP COP: June, 2015

Police Officers
Police Officer Jason Rapisarda

On June 4, 2015 a radio assignment was broadcast for a male with a gun. Police Officer Jason Rapisarda immediately responded to the location. While responding, a second assignment was broadcast for a suspicious person in close proximity to the first. Officer Rapisarda thinking that the two assignements could be related, responded to the area of the suspicious person. Information was then broadcast that a robbery occurred in the original assignment and that there were three subjects involved. Officer Rapisarda responded quickly to the area of the suspicious person and was able to locate the subject in question. He made contact with the officers at the scene of the robbery who viewed the surveillance video tape. It was then determined that the subject stopped by Officer Rapisarda was one of the individuals involved in the armed robbery.

The quick thinking, response and knowledge of his post enabled Officer Rapisarda to apprehend this dangerous subject. Because of his actions he is our PBA Top Cop for June, 2015.

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