PBA TOP COP: March, 2013

P.O. Robert Florie

On March 31, 2013 at approximately 2:30am., Officer Robert Florie while on patrol in RMP 322 received a radio assignment for a man bleeding in the street. While responding to the location, Officer Florie took notice of three males heading east on Old Country Rd. near Oliver Ave in New Castle. When Officer Florie arrived at scene, he found a male who was bleeding heavily from multiple deep slash wounds to his head and face and who’s right thumb was severed from his hand from what appeared to be a machete attack. As responding assistance arrived two additional victims were found a short distance away, one with a severe head laceration and the other with a severe arm laceration and a broken arm. Officer Florie had located a witness to the attack and after the ambulance arrived and the victims were being cared for, proceeded to look for the subjects with the witness in his RMP. He drove to the area where he thought the three males he had previously noticed would be heading, and while canvassing the area, the witness pointed out the three men whom Officer Florie had seen earlier. Officer Florie exited his RMP to further investigate but the three males ran in opposite directions. He pursued one of the subjects on foot and after a brief chase and struggle was able to apprehend the subject. He transmitted a detailed notification over the radio about the two remaining subjects and a perimeter was established. K9 Officer Don Costleigh along with his service animal Gehrig, located a second subject who initially resisted arrest but after a brief discussion with Gehrig, agreed to be arrested.

As a result of the initial arrests and information gathered by Officer Florie two additional subjects were apprehended by the gang squad on a later date and a machete believed to have be used in the attack was recovered. It was the keen observations and quick actions of Officer Florie that resulted in the arrest of the four subjects who were charged with Attempted Murder, Assault 1st, Gang Assault 1st,and Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

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