PBA TOP COP: May, 2014


On May 6, 2014, Police Officer Daniel Asparro was assigned to post 424, which patrols Point Lookout. Being aware of a burglary condition, Officer Asparro continually checked the area for a vehicle that was said to be involved in breaking into a Gulf gas station, not once, but twice.

At approximately 2:40am, Officer Asparro observed a vehicle fitting the description of a car that was said to be involved, a grey Lincoln Town Car, parked alongside the Gulf station. Officer Asparro requested assistance. He then observed a subject by the station and approached him. While interviewing the subject, Officer Asparro observed a baseball bat alongside a window of the station. In the prior burglaries, access was gained to the station by breaking the glass with a baseball bat.

Upon further investigation, the subject made oral admissions implicating himself in both burglaries as well as his intention to burglarize the station that night. He also provided the name of a second subject involved in the prior incidents. The subject was placed into custody and charged with multiple counts of burglary.

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