PBA Top Cop: May 2017

Police Officers
James DiGiambattisa

On May 18th Police Officer James DiGiambattista was working RMP 518. At 0130 hours he conducted a VTL stop on Merrick Road. When he approached the vehicle he smelled marijuana and observed the subject fidgeting below the drivers seat. The subject was asked to step out of the vehicle and was questioned about the smell. It was then that the subject admitted to having a marijuana cigarette in the center console. The subject told him that he would get it. The officer sensed that something wasn’t right and refused to allow the subject back into vehicle. Officer DiGiambattista conducted a search of the vehicle and recovered the marijuana cigarette in the center console. Also recovered were multiple bags of cocaine and marijuana. A loaded 38. caliber revolver was also found under the drivers seat where the subject was fidgeting.

Because of PO James DiGiambattistas’ keen observations he was able to take a gun off the street. We are proud to honor him as PBA Top Cop May 2017.

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