PBA TOP COPS: April, 2014

Police Officers

On April 22, 2014 Police Officer James Duignan in RMP 303 and Police Officer Scott Thiel, in RMP 301, responded to a 911 call for a house fire within the confines of the third precinct. Upon arrival, the officers found a working house fire and advised Communications Bureau of the condition. The officers then, with total disregard for their own safety, entered the burning home and located two elderly, unconscious people. Both, a male and a female, were removed from the home by Officers Thiel and Duignan. Once a safe distance from the fire, the male aided was found to be in cardiac arrest and the female aided was not breathing. Additional officers arrived at scene and at Officer Duignan and Officer Thiel’s direction, assisted with CPR on both individuals. The female responded to the emergency care given by the officers and began breathing at scene. The male aided unfortunately remained unresponsive and in cardiac arrest. Both were transported to the hospital from scene with the female aided recovering from her injuries.

Thanks to the officers immediate response to the scene, a disregard for their own safety, they were able to rescue the female victim. There is no doubt that both individuals would have perished without the officers courageous actions, and for that, they are named the PBA Top Cops for April 2014.

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