PBA TOP COPS: April, 2015

Police Officers
Daniel Hedgecock
Salvatore Parisi
Roberto Germani
Carson Calvo

On April 3, 2015 Police Officers Daniel Hedgecock and Carson Calvo in RMP 619 along with other Sixth Precinct units, responded to an assignment for a panic alarm at a T-Mobile store in Flower Hill. This location had been the subject of prior Robberies and Burglaries. Upon arrival there were no persons visible in the showroom of the store and the Officers began to search the building.

As the officers attempted to enter a backroom the door was quickly pulled closed from within. The officers were on high alert because of the history of crimes at the location and he lack of people during business hours. They made a second attempt at the door. This time they opened the door wide enough to observe a male subject before it was forced closed again. The officers took cover and heard the slamming of a door from within the backroom. Concerned that the subjects exited the building the officers responded towards the rear entrance.

Two armed subjects were observed fleeing on foot from the rear of the building and the officers began to pursue. The subjects split up and ran through residential yards and businesses. Police Officer Sal Parisi and Police Officer Rob Germani arrived at scene and joined Officers Hedgecock and Calvo in the search and pursuit of the subjects. Officers Germani and Parisi apprehended one subject. A perimeter was then set up and a search for the second subject was continued by Officers Hedgecock and Calvo. Proceeds of the robbery along with a weapon used and subjects’ clothing were soon recovered. A K9 unit was also brought in to search the area with negative results.

Because of their quick response and actions involving the arrest of a subject for a Robbery in progress, Police Officers Hedgecock, Calvo, Parisi and Germani are our PBA Top Cops for April 2015.

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