PBA TOP COPS: April 2016

Fourth Precinct
Police Officers
Ahmad Kessba
Paul Maywald
Jamal Ramos
Anthony Albanese

On April 30, 2016 at approximately 2200 hrs. a radio call was dispatched for an auto accident and transformer explosion at Warwick Rd. in Harbor Isle . When the Officers arrived at scene they observed a utility pole down with live wires sparking. Beyond the utility pole Officers were directed by a witness that there was a car in the bay.

The officers went into the rear yard of 175 Block Lane & observed a car about fifty feet from the bulkhead submerged in six feet of water. The car was occupied by two people, somehow the driver managed to crawl out of the sunroof and was stranded. The driver stated that his friend was trapped and needed help. Officers quickly retrieved a ladder from a neighbor’s yard and laid the ladder onto the car’s trunk and floating dock.

Officer Kessba, disregarding his own safety crawled over the ladder to the submerging auto while assisting officers held the ladder secure. Once on the auto Officer Kessba helped the driver onto the ladder. The passenger remained trapped inside the auto, but Officer Kessba was able to hold the persons head above the water line until the Island Park Fire Dept. could extricate the aided .

Officer Kessba along with officers Maywald, Ramos and Albanese went well beyond the performance of their duties and in doing so were able to save a human life which was in immediate jeopardy.

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