PBA TOP COPS: August, 2015

Police Officers
Glenn DeMeo
George Iwasiuk

On August 15, 2015 at 1859 hrs Police Officers Glenn DeMeo and George Iwasiuk responded to an aided case involving a 16 year old boy who jumped into a swimming pool and struck his head. As a result the victim was knocked unconscious.

Officer Iwasiuk arrived on scene first and advised radio that CPR was in progress. Officer DeMeo arrived and both offficers took over CPR which was initiated by the homeowner. Officer Iwasiuk continued chest compressions while Officer DeMeo gave respirations through a BVM. Departmental ambulances 2356 and 2366 arrived on scene and responding AMT’s placed the aided on a monitor and established an I.V. After ten minutes of continuous CPR the victim’s pulse returned but he was not breathing on his own. Officer DeMeo continued rescue breathing while the victim was placed in to ambulance 2356.

While en route to North Shore hospital, AMT’s Donnolly and Cirella administered I.V medications and intubated the victim. Rescue breathing was continued. The victim was further stabilized in the emergency room upon arrival. He was still in critical condition and moved to an ICU room. The aided was still unconscious and needed to be placed on a respirator. On August 17, 2015 the Officers were advised that the victim regained consciousness and was breathing on his own. The victim was also talking and is expected to make a full recovery.

Because of the quick response and actions of Officers DeMeo and Iwasiuk in performing CPR, the life of this 16 year old boy was saved. For this they are our Top Cops for August 2015

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