PBA TOP COPS: August 2016

Fourth Precinct
Police Officers
Greg O’Niell
John Zanni
Frank Parante
Nicholas Collins

On August 10, 2016 Fourth Pct. Pop Officers John Zanni & Greg O’Neill had received information on the location of a stolen vehicle that had been parked in front of 58 Zavatt St. Inwood. The listed address is the residence of a subject who has a known criminal history, of larcenies from autos as well as auto theft. The stolen vehicle involved was part of the proceeds from a rash of larcenies that had occurred several weeks before.

Officers Zanni and O’Neill used sound tactics by maintaining a safe distance from the stolen car, utilizing a commercial stone & granite yard as cover for surveillance. From this vantage point the Officers provided up-dates to B.S.O. Officers Frank Parente and Nick Collins, who were assisting with the surveillance operation. Once relieved by the two B.S.O. Officers, Officers Zanni & O’Neill remained in the area, continuing radio contact with the B.S.O. Officers.

Approx. two hours later B.S.O. Officers Parente & Collins observed a male subject enter the stolen car and drive up the road. The B.S.O. officers immediately requested assistance and attempted a VTL stop. The subject attempted to evade the stop by driving down a one-way street causing him to crash into a telephone pole. The subject then fled on foot with B.S.O. & 4th Pct. Officers closing in. The subject was located in the rear yard of 58 Henry St., and began to resist arrest by fighting with the four Officers. Eventually the subject was secured in handcuffs and transported to Fourth Pct. for processing.

As a result of this joint effort by B.S.O. and the Fourth Pct. the area has since witnessed a significant decrease in the occurrences of larcenies from autos. The subject was charged with Grand larceny, Possession of stolen property, Reckless endangerment, and Resisting arrest.

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