PBA TOP COPS: February, 2015

Police Officers
Eric Besthoff
Michael Cammarata

On February 10, 2015 a radio assignment was broadcast for a male banging on the door of an apartment in a multi-family dwelling within the confines of the Eighth Precinct. When the subject banged on the door of the female victim she opened the door slightly to see who it was. The subject then pushed his way into the apartment at which time the victim pleaded with him to leave and tried to shut the door. The subject grabbed the victim around the neck as the victim attempted to fight him off but the subject overpowered her and pushed her across the room and onto a bed. The subject held the victim down all the while screaming at her demanding property that he believed was in her residence. At this time the subject was choking the victim with both hands and she could not breathe. The victim was punching, kicking and pushing the subject in an attempt to get him off of her when finally, she was able to push the subject away from her and he ran out of the apartment. Another tenant of the building saw what was going on and had called 911. Officers Besthoff and Cammarata rushed to the scene and upon arrival were met by the victim and witness who relayed the information of the events that just occurred and a description of the subject. The Officers conducted a systematic search of the entire building and surrounding property and were able to locate the subject in a common area of the building. Officers Cammarata and Besthoff were able to take the subject into custody before he could flee the area and the subject was charged with Burglary, Menacing, Criminal Obstruction of Breathing and Assault. It is because of their quick response, collection of information and thorough search of the area and building that this subject was taken into custody and they are our PBA Top Cops for February 2015.

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