PBA TOP COPS: January, 2013

Police Officer Robert Psomas
Police Officer Scott Breslin
On January 18, 2013 Officers Psomas and Breslin while on patrol in an unmarked vehicle were investigating a complaint of narcotics activity occurring in the vicinity of a business located in Elmont in close proximity to a High School and which is frequented by students from the school.

While conducting their surveillance, the officers observed a subject engaged in what appeared to be a narcotics deal with approximately fifteen students surrounding him. The subject left the area on foot and was stopped by the officers. As they were approaching the subject, the officers noticed a bulge on the left side of the subject’s jacket, and during a subsequent pat-down, felt what appeared to be a handgun. When the subject’s jacket was opened to further investigate, the officers discovered a loaded Hi-Point .380 caliber handgun. The subject was taken into custody.

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