PBA TOP COPS: June, 2014

Police Officers

On June 27, 2014, Police Officers Brian McQuade and Michael Vergan received a notification from police dispatchers that NYS and Suffolk County Police were attempting to stop a taxi cab with a passenger wanted in connection with a bank robbery. The taxi was traveling north on the Wantagh Parkway and exiting onto Old Country Road. A description of the male subject was broadcast and officers McQuade and Vergano began to respond to the area.

They were advised that the subject bailed out of the taxi and was on foot in the vicinity. The taxi was located and a perimeter was established with units from NYS, Suffolk County and Nassau County police departments.

Officers McQuade and Vergano began to canvass a supermarket located not far from the location of the taxi. The officers observed a male fitting the subject’s description in front of the store, seated under an overhang. The officers tactically approached the subject at gunpoint, giving verbal commands for him to surrender and took the him into custody. He was transported to Nassau County Robbery Squad were it was determined that he was responsible for several bank robberies in both Nassau and Suffolk.

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