PBA TOP COPS: March, 2015

Police Officers
Ryan Surillo
John Fallace

On March 15, 2015 a resident of the Fourth Precinct attempted to sell a vehicle that he had listed on Craigslist. At approximately 0010 hrs, the victim was approached by two males who were supposed to purchase the vehicle. One of the males demanded the keys to the vehicle and when the victim refused he produced a handgun and again demanded the keys.

A relative of the victim heard the commotion and called 911. Officers Surillo and Fallace of the Fourth Precinct received the call for a disturbance and responded to the scene. Upon arrival Officer Surillo observed a single subject at the scene who was clutching an item in his hands. That subject then quickly walked into a rear yard. Officer Surillo immediately ran towards the subject who was attempting to exit the rear yard. He confronted the subject and asked what he was doing. The subject stated that he was getting rid of a blunt.

Officer Fallace arrived at scene and an interview of the victim was conducted. The victim advised them that the subject had attempted to rob him with a handgun. The subject was taken into custody without incident and a search of the rear yard and area was conducted for the second subject. During that search, the handgun, a loaded .357 Rossi revolver was recovered. The subject in custody was also found to have in his possession forged Pennsylvania and Florida Driver’s Licenses. The second subject had fled the scene prior to the Officers arrival.

The subject was charged with attempted Robbery First Degree, Criminal Use of a Firearm Second, Criminal Possession of a Weapon Second and two counts of Possession of a Forged Instrument.

It is because of their quick response and keen observations that this subject was arrested. The information on the second subject was relayed to the Precinct Squad for further investigation. It is beacause of these Officers actions that they are our PBA Top Cops for March 2015.

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