PBA Top Cops: March 2017

Police Officers
Nicholas Scicutella
Sean Gaddy
Kevin Gluchowski
Terrence Heller

On March 6, 2017 a dollar van driver was taking passengers from Queens to the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream. After letting off all of his passengers, one passenger remained and requested to be taken back to Queens. As the driver made a U-turn this passenger got up from his seat and got behind the driver. He then and pulled out a handgun announcing a robbery. The subject demanded the driver’s money and forced the driver to pull over. Once pulled over the subject told the driver to get out. The subject then got into the driver’s seat and drove off. The victim was able to flag down a fellow van driver and both men began to follow the subject and call 911.

The subject was followed to a Michael’s store located at 650 Sunrise Hwy. where he parked the stolen van and entered the store. Officers Scicutella & Gaddy immediately responded to the location. Back- up Officers Sgt. Heller and Gluchowski also started responding. The subject exited the store and started walking and then saw the responding officers. The subject began to run through the Green Acres shopping center, Officers Scicutella & Gaddy were now in full foot pursuit of the subject chasing him towards a large fence. As the subject attempted to climb the fence he was pulled down by the pursuing Officers. The subject started to resist arrest. Officers Sgt. Heller & Gluchowski arrived on scene and the subject was controlled and placed into custody. Officer Gluchowski recovered a black hand-gun from the victim’s pants pocket.

Because of the quick actions & professionalism of these Officers they were able to resolve this incident without any further danger to themselves or the public. We are proud to honor them as P.B.A. Top Cops.

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