PBA TOP COPS: May, 2015

Police Officers
John Liston
Steve Ben-Jacob
Michael Rassmusen

On May 30, 2015 at 0319 hrs Police Officers Steve Ben-Jacob, Michael Rasmussen and John Liston responded to a radio assignment for an unknown problem in Elmont. Upon arrival, officers Ben-Jacob and Rasmussen knocked on the door and were met by a male who informed them that everything was okay. The officers however could hear a muffled yell from another area of the home. The officers asked if they could enter the house.

During their search, they discovered a female who was duct taped, bound to a chair and had an extension cord wrapped around her neck. At that time, the male and three other subjects attempted to flee the residence. Officers Ben-Jacob and Rasmussen apprehended three of the subjects at scene. The fourth subject fled the residence on foot. The officers advised radio that they had a home invasion in progress and that the subjects were attempting to flee the scene.

Officer Liston, who was arriving at scene, observed the fourth subject. After a brief foot pursuit he took that subject into custody. It was determined that that all the subjects entered the residence and forcibly stole the victim’s iPhone. When the victim confronted the subjects, they punched, kicked, maced and bound her with wire and duct tape. They further stuffed a sock in her mouth which obstructed her breathing and caused her to lose consciousness momentarily. The defendants were charged with Strangulation, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, Unlawful Imprisonment, Robbery and two counts of Assault 2.

It is because of the keen observations, quick response and actions of these officers that they are being honored as PBA Top Cops for May, 2015.

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