PBA TOP COPS: November, 2014

Police Officers
Robert Connolly
Sean Coffey
Daniel Doerrie
Charles Javorowsky

On November 17, 2014, while on an enforcement detail in RMP 340, third precinct Police Officer Robert Connolly heard a radio transmission for a robbery that just occurred in Mineola. The notification advised that the subjects were wearing ski masks, armed with a gun and fled the scene in a black Audi.

Officer Connolly responded to the vicinity of the robbery and observed a black Audi. Officer Connolly advised the police dispatcher he was following the vehicle and read the registration over the air.

At this time, Officer Sean Coffey, operating RMP 312, joined Officer Connolly and they attempted to conduct a car stop. The subjects refused to stop and began driving at a high rate of speed disregarding multiple traffic control devices.

In an attempt to flee, the subjects drove down a dead end street, over a grassy divider and through some bushes. The vehicle, once back on the road, struck RMP 312 and continued to flee. The vehicle drove into oncoming traffic in a further attempt to flee the officers and crossed back into traffic striking RMP 340. The subject’s vehicle then continued eastbound away from the scene.

A short time later, Police Officers Daniel Doerrie and Charles Javorowsky, a two man unit in RMP 316, observed the subjects vehicle enter a main highway and began to follow it. The subject’s vehicle struck a
taxi as it exited the highway and became disabled. At that time, all subjects were placed into custody and subsequently charged with the robbery.

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