PBA TOP COPS: November, 2015

First Precinct
Police Officers
John Anderson
Ryan Fais

On Nov. 24th 2015 at approx. 0555 hours, Police Officers Anderson and Fais while working RMP 107 responded to a Caper Alarm and fire at a home in Baldwin. This home had been damaged by a Molotov Cocktail the week before. When the officers arrived on scene, they discovered a vehicle in the driveway engulfed in flames. They also observed smoke coming from a second story window of the occupied home. After the house was cleared of all occupants, a description was broadcast of a male subject who was seen running from the scene. Officers Anderson and Fais began canvassing the area, concentrating their canvas in an area where an ex-boyfriend of the homeowner lived. While canvassing more than a mile from the scene, the Officers observed a subject who fit the description. The subject immediately fled on foot and after a brief search, the subject was apprehended. The subject had strong odor of gasoline emanating from his clothing. A show-up was conducted and the subject was positively identified and placed under arrest. While in custody, the subject gave an oral statement of admission to the Arson that had occurred a week earlier. As a result of Police Officers Anderson and Fais’ actions, a very dangerous subject was taken off the streets and charged with Arson 1st degree, Attempted Murder 2nd degree, & Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd degree.

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