PBA TOP COPS: October, 2014

Police Officers

On October 18, 2014 at approximately 11:15pm, Officers Cetto and BenJacob responded to a call for service for a suspicious person armed with a weapon in Elmont. Upon arrival, they were advised by the victim that a male subject had broken a window to the victim’s apartment and then fled the scene in a green taxi. During the interview, a green taxi passed, which the victim identified as being similar to the cab the subject fled in.

The officers proceeded to follow the cab and pulled it over several blocks away. When asked to exit the vehicle, the subject put up a violent struggle, necessitating further units to control and place him into custody.

The Officers observed a laptop in the rear of the cab, in addition to a wallet on the subject’s person which contained numerous credit cards in another person’s name. The subject also had drugs in his possession.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the laptop, wallet, and other items found in the subject’s possession were proceeds from several robberies and home invasions which occurred in NYC. What’s more, the subject was wanted in another state on attempted murder charges.

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