PBA TOP COPS: September, 2014

Police Officers

On September 15, 2014 at approximately 12:05am, while on routine patrol, Police Officers John Kannengeiser and Thomas Lively while working routine patrol, received a radio assignment for a possible burglary in progress at a residence in Merrick. Upon arrival, Officer Kannengeiser spoke to the complainant who stated that an unknown male was observed trying to gain entry to his home via the front door. The subject left the scene and walked westbound into a neighbor’s yard. Officer Kannengeiser notified the police dispatcher giving a detailed description of the subject.

While canvassing the area, officer Lively observed a man matching the description of the subject. He was inside a vehicle, which was parked on a nearby street; the with the interior light on, the glove box was open, and the center console was in the open and upright position. Officer Lively requested assistance and approached the subject asking him for identification. He instructed the subject to step out of the vehicle at which time the subject fled the scene on foot. Officer Lively gave chase with Officer Lively while Officer Kannengeiser arrived on scene and joined in the foot pursuit.

The Officers were able to overtake the subject who engaged them in a violent physical struggle, during which the subject caused a physical injury to Officer Kannengeiser’s right hand. The officers were able to overpower the subject and take him into custody.

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