PBA TOP COPS: September 2016

Fourth Precinct
Police Officers
Gary Boulanger
Freeport Police Officer: Corey Cook

On September 12, 2016 at approximately 0630 hrs. Officer Boulanger was in his private auto heading to work. While driving through the village of Freeport Officer Boulanger observed smoke rising from a private home located at 118 Roosevelt Ave. Freeport. Officer Boulanger immediately called 911 and by chance was met at the residence by off-duty Freeport Police Officer Corey Cooke. The two Officers entered the engulfed residence and helped remove a teenage female. This person advised the Officers that her whole family was still inside the house.

Officer Boulanger and Cooke re-entered the home which was now a raging house fire. The officers, without protective equipment, entered the home and removed a young male along with two middle aged women outside to safety. The Officers were advised that an elderly Grandmother was still inside the residence and trapped upstairs. The officers once again re-entered the home this time the heat and smoke had increased significantly the officers had to crawl on their hands and knees in order to navigate the home. The 90 yr. old was found at the base of a staircase unresponsive the officers coordinated a “safe carry ’’and removed the aided outside to safety.

Both officers suffered a high degree of smoke inhalation as a result of their heroic efforts. They were taken to Nassau County Medical Center for further treatment. The swift action and unselfish bravery displayed by both these Officers was instrumental in saving the lives of this Freeport family. For their actions these Officers have been selected as P.B.A. Top Cops September 2016.

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