Top Cop January 2018

Police Officers
Michael Hallahan

On January 8, 2018 Second Precinct Officer Michael Hallahan was working in RMP 220 when he heard a radio assignment for a stolen car that occurred in Amityville, the vehicle was then spotted in the confines of the 2nd pct.

Officer Hallahan positioned himself to watch traffic on Broadway in Hicksville when he observed a vehicle fitting the description traveling at a high rate of speed. Officer Hallahan began to follow the vehicle and confirmed it was the stolen vehicle and began to pursue it. The pursuit lasted a few minutes before it was terminated. He continued to follow the vehicle from a safe distance and was able to observe what side street the vehicle turned onto. Officer Hallahan drove down the side street and observed the occupants flee the vehicle. Officer Hallahan gave chase on foot and was able to apprehended one suspect. He then notified K9 and set up a perimeter that allowed K9 and BSO officers to apprehended the 2nd suspect.

Because of Officer Hallahan’s quick thinking and diligence, both subjects were placed under arrest without incident. The Nassau County PBA is proud to announce Officer Michael Hallahan its Top Cop for January 2018.

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