Top Cop March 2019

Police Officers
Brandon Gambler
Nicholas Valinoti

On March 27th, 2019 Officers Brandon Gambler and Nicholas Valinoti from COPE were assigned to a Gang Initiative in the Village of Hempstead.

At approximately 2154hrs officers heard gunshots close to their location. Before they could even make a radio notification, the Officers observed a subject place what appeared to be a handgun into his waistband. Both Officers exited their vehicle and approached the subject. The subject threw the gun under a car and fled on foot. Both officers chased the subject, but lost him the rear yards.

Assisting officers created a perimeter. Officers observed the subject run into a nearby house. Officers Gambler and Valinoti then ordered the subject to come out. When the subject refused, officers entered the house and placed the subject into custody with assistance of the Hempstead PD.

After an investigation, it was determined that the subject had fired multiple shots into a crowd of people. The subject was charged with multiple felonies including Reckless Endangerment and CPW.

Due to their bravery and dedication, Officers Gamble and Valinoti were able to take a dangerous felon off the street. The Top Cop committee is proud to name Police Officers Brandon Gambler and Police Officer Nicholas Valinoti as the Top Cops for March 2019

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